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Ducted air conditioner Sky Air Advance Series DAIKIN


Ducted air conditioners from DAIKIN are integrated air conditioning systems that offer a discreet and efficient solution for cooling and heating spaces. Designed for installation in false ceilings, these systems distribute air evenly through ducts, leaving only the supply and return air grilles visible.

Discretion: Hidden installation for aesthetic integration.
Comfort: even air distribution for optimum comfort.
Inverter Technology: Adjusts compressor speed for energy efficiency and quiet operation.
Air quality: Equipped with high-performance filters to purify the air.
Reliability: Durable materials and excellent after-sales service.

These systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications, offering a stylish, high-performance solution for maintaining comfortable indoor conditions.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Daikin ducted air conditioning .Depending on certain parameters, units in the ducted range adapt to the available pressure to provide maximum comfort at all times.

This reduces noise levels and energy consumption by reducing fan speed. All this contributes to an increase in the unit’s SEER and SCOP, meaning that the overall efficiency of the system is increased. With standard three-speed Inverter fan for maximum comfort.

Thanks to Inverter technology, consumption is greatly reduced, so you won’t have to pay a large sum on your electricity bill, saving up to 30%. So not only will you enjoy the perfect ambience in your home, you’ll also save money.

Finally, experts have ranked it among the best energy measures available. Depending on the existing climate to which you wish to aspire, the equipment itself is responsible for optimising its performance to the maximum.

Composed of :

  • 1 RXM35M9 outdoor unit and 1 FBA35A + BRC1E53A indoor unit
  • The Daikin BA35A air conditioner is rated in the seasonal energy class A++, which means you can make annual savings of 10% compared with an A-class air conditioner.
    This cooling system delivers annual savings of up to 30% compared with on/off systems, while offering a significant reduction in noise.
    Noise level (low speed): 29 Db
    Noise level (intake unit): 35 Db
    Daikin’s dehumidification function reduces the humidity in the room without changing the temperature.
    The indoor unit is fitted with an air filter that traps microscopic particles and dust.
    You can choose between 3 fan speeds: high, medium or low. A high fan speed provides maximum reach, while a low speed minimises the possibility of draughts.
    The air conditioning system can be switched on and off remotely from a mobile phone, using a telephone remote control (optional accessory). The optional forced shutdown function allows you to switch off the appliance automatically. For example, when a window is opened, the unit stops.


Here is the technical data sheet for all Daikin models. By downloading it, you’ll have all the information you need to make your choice.


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