Bed base with storage space


The bed base with wooden storage is a modular bed base with a large capacity, with an interior space of 28 cm, which provides ADDITIONAL storage capacity. Wooden base incorporating legs or pilasters made of natural beech wood, of the same height as its sides, which act as a reinforcement, providing additional consistency to the box

DELIVERY TIME: 2 to 4 weeks


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Estimated delivery between 2024/06/05 - 2024/08/19

Bed base with storage in white, beige, chocolate and cherry.

Wooden base with storage is a modular sofa witha large capacity, with an interior space of 28 cm, which allows for additional storage capacity. Wooden sofa that incorporates legs or pilasters in natural beech wood, of the same height as its sides and that function as a reinforcement, offering a more comfortable environment.onsistance to the safe.


Maximum breathability: you will have a cover covered with 3D fabric, reinforced with longitudinal and multi-perforated steel bars for greater breathability. You will notice the ventilation and airing of the sofa with 4 vents, which will prevent moisture and extend its life.

Flexible sofa in a simple way: thanks to its gas piston system.

4 solid corners: you will have 25 mm thick melamine wood boards which, together with the 4 solid beech wood corners, will allow you to move the sofa easily and without fear of damaging it.

Perfect height and capacity: Its height is 35cm and the trunk is 28cm.

Easy assembly: assembling a sofa has never been easier thanks to the instructions.

Bed base with storage space

Available in several colours: you can choose from four different colours: cherry, chocolate, beige and white.

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 35 cm



135×190, 150×190, 90×190




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