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Ducted air conditioner Sky Air Active Series DAIKIN


Ducted air conditioners from DAIKIN are integrated air conditioning systems that offer a discreet and efficient solution for cooling and heating spaces. Designed for installation in false ceilings, these systems distribute air evenly through ducts, leaving only the supply and return air grilles visible.

Discretion: Hidden installation for aesthetic integration.
Comfort: even air distribution for optimum comfort.
Inverter Technology: Adjusts compressor speed for energy efficiency and quiet operation.
Air quality: Equipped with high-performance filters to purify the air.
Reliability: Durable materials and excellent after-sales service.

These systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications, offering a stylish, high-performance solution for maintaining comfortable indoor conditions.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Daikin has always been characterised by the use of quality materials in its products, complemented by the best technology and capable of providing a satisfying experience for all users. This model, which is part of the ADEAS-A series, is characterised by the fact that its range of air conditioners is considered to be one of the best on the market.

It is also no more than 245 mm high, which is important if you want to install it in tight spaces without additional problems. Customers themselves can choose between different power ratings, adapting it to their needs and characteristics.

Thanks to Inverter technology, consumption is greatly reduced, so you won’t have to pay a large sum on your electricity bill, saving up to 30%. So not only will you enjoy the perfect ambience in your home, you’ll also save money.

Finally, experts have ranked it among the best energy measures available. Depending on the existing climate to which you wish to aspire, the equipment itself is responsible for optimising its performance to the maximum.


Advantages of the Daikin ADEAS-A ducted air conditioner
The fact that it is one of the most appreciated and chosen by all users compared to its more direct competitors, is due to a class of advantages that it has incorporated and which allow those who are lucky enough to enjoy it to be continually in a comfortable environment:

1) Ventilation function
This is one of the most important ways of using your fan. The aim is to ensure that the air in the room can circulate without being continually forced out by the cold.

2) You choose the speed
The fan itself is available in different speeds to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Depending on how comfortable you want to be at that moment, you will have one airflow or another.

3) Cool-Heat
It detects the temperature at which you feel most comfortable and takes charge of maintaining it in the room, expelling cold or heat as appropriate.

4) Dehumidification
By eliminating humidity from the room, it prevents respiratory problems.

5) Timer
It can be programmed with its own timer so that when you get home, the house is at the right temperature.

6) Easy installation
As there’s no need to modify the installation to change the air conditioner, it’s very easy to install and you’ll be able to take advantage of its functions quickly.

7) Multizone
If each member of the family wants a specific temperature, this is possible thanks to the multi-zone function.

Here is the technical data sheet for all Daikin models. By downloading it, you’ll have all the information you need to make your choice.


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