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Fujitsu KP Series air conditioner


Fujitsu offers air conditioners of the highest technology and functionality, designed with an elegant, contemporary aesthetic. Always striving for excellence.

  • Compactness and simplicity are essential to achieve state-of-the-art interior design.
  • Our high-density lambda heat exchanger is essential for compact units.
  • The sliding front panel adds to both aesthetics and functionality.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Fujitsu’s equipment incorporates intelligent devices and systems that maximise energy savings.

  • “Human sensor” that detects the presence of people in the room based on real needs.
  • Economy mode to limit the maximum power load.
  • Réglage des limites et retour automatique de la tempérAdjustable limits and automatic temperature feedback.
  • Automatic switch-off timer.
  • Centralised controls designed for intuitive use and ergonomic individual controls.
  • Remote connection from smartphones, tablets and computers.

Fujitsu offers specific solutions to ensure high air conditioning performance in both cooling and heating modes, even in extreme temperatures. It also includes a mode for automatically switching from cooling to heating mode.

  • Higher heating output: high heating output even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
  • Power Diffuser function: The cold air outlet is directed horizontally to avoid the sensation of direct cold and the warm air outlet is directed vertically for a pleasant sensation in heating mode.
  • Powerful function: during the first 20 minutes, the desired cooling or heating level is reached quickly, so you can achieve maximum comfort in minimum time.
  • Automatic cool/warm switching: depending on the ambient temperature and the set temperature, the appliance automatically switches to cool or warm mode.
  • 10º Heat function: the temperature never falls below 10ºC to ensure that the room is not cold in our environment.

The appliance can run for 20 minutes at maximum airflow and speed to achieve room comfort in less time. What’s more, this model can be controlled from anywhere via your smartphone.

Optimised design
and maximum efficiency, offering significantly improved SEER and SCOP values thanks to Fujitsu’s highly efficient DC rotary compressor, heat exchanger and All DC Inverter technology.

Operation at maximum power
The appliance can run for 20 minutes at maximum air flow and maximum compressor speed, providing maximum power. Thanks to this rapid cooling or heating, you can enjoy a comfortable room in a minimum amount of time.

Powerful airflow
The new design of the louvres and the new air distribution structure ensure a comfortable, widely and quietly distributed airflow.

Smartphone control
This model can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. Simply install an optional wireless LAN interface. The W-LAN interface is easy to install.

Install the Airstage Mobile application on your smartphone to control your air conditioner.


Here is the technical data sheet of all Fujitsu KP series models. By downloading it, you’ll have all the information you need to make your choice.


By controlling the temperature settings on the thermostat, considerable energy savings can be made.

Activates the unit to run at maximum compressor speed and maximum air flow for 20 minutes, to quickly achieve a feeling of comfort.

The air outlet louvres automatically move vertically to distribute the air evenly.

The microprocessor automatically adjusts the airflow according to temperature variations.

In the event of a power cut, the equipment starts up automatically as soon as the power supply is restored.

The appliance switches off automatically after a certain period of operation.

The digital timer lets you select one of these 4 combinations: ON, OFF, ON-OFF, OFF-ON.

Removable, washable front panel.


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