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Ducted air conditioner Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete range of air-conditioning solutions for different needs and environments. Their products stand out for their energy efficiency, quiet performance and ability to improve indoor air quality. Whether for domestic or professional use, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are a reliable, high-performance choice.

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Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for its high-quality air conditioning systems. Here’s an overview of the different types of air conditioners offered by Mitsubishi Electric, along with some of their distinctive features.

  1. Cassette air conditioners
    • Installed in the ceiling, these systems are ideal for offices and retail outlets. They distribute air evenly and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing.
    • Provides 360-degree coverage for maximum comfort.

Features and benefits

  1. Energy Efficiency
    • Mitsubishi Electric stands out for its energy-efficient products, often certified with high energy labels (A++ and A+++).
    • Technologies such as inverters enable power to be adjusted according to actual needs, thus reducing energy consumption.
  2. Inverter technology
    • This technology enables precise temperature control, ensuring optimum comfort while reducing energy costs.
    • Inverter units are quieter and last longer.
  3. Filtration and Air Quality
    • Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems feature advanced filters that remove dust, allergens and other particles, improving indoor air quality.
    • Some models feature Plasma Quad Plus technology, capable of neutralizing viruses and bacteria.
  4. Silent operation
    • Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are designed for ultra-quiet operation, ideal for bedrooms and work environments.
  5. Compact, aesthetic design
    • The indoor units are designed to be discreet and aesthetically pleasing, blending easily into any interior.
  6. Connectivity and Control
    • Many models are compatible with remote control systems via mobile applications, making indoor climate management easy and convenient.
    • Systems can often be integrated into smart home solutions.

Other features :

  • Thanks to its warm start, and to prevent the air expelled at the beginning from being annoying for users, it will only start to be released once the selected temperature has been reached.
  • The possibility of its automatic function offers users the advantage of activating the appliance in cold or hot mode depending on the temperature that has been set and the difference that exists to reach it. In this way, a pleasant atmosphere tailored to your needs is always maintained.
  • Condensate is discharged more quickly thanks to the pump incorporated in all Standard Inverter – MSPEZ models.
  • They perform optimally even in extreme conditions down to -20°C.
  • If you already have pipes from an old air-conditioning system, you can take advantage of their adaptability and compatibility, enabling you to enjoy the new unit as quickly as possible.
  • Its electromagnet-driven rotary compressor delivers the most efficient performance available, without the added cost of a higher electricity bill.
  • PAM control is a new function that has been incorporated to reduce existing draughts. The result is proven maximum efficiency and a perfect, natural ambience in every room.
    If required, this series can be configured so that air enters from the bottom of the unit.
  • To improve maintenance and prevent breakdowns, the unit is equipped with a self-diagnosis function that indicates if there is a problem that can be avoided.
  • The incorporation of DC Inverter technology enables it to analyze the room temperature, detect any changes and adjust itself to always offer maximum comfort.
  • The maximum distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is 30/50 metres, depending on the model.
  • Heat production efficiency is enhanced by the redesigned heat exchanger inside the unit.
  • Its 150 Pa static pressure allows it to be adapted to the type of installation in each home.
  • It is perfect for installation in work environments or bedrooms, as it is ultra-quiet, reaching a maximum of 26/33 dB.

For more information and technical specifications, here’s the datasheet.


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