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Sika-225 Pool Adhesive 26,75 kg


108,00 TTC

Aqueous dispersion coating for water immersed exhibitions

Sikaguard Swimming Pools is a one-component coloured coating based on acrylic resins in water dispersion with high water resistance.

  • Colour and limestone stability
  • Excellent resistance to sun protection lotions, creams and oils.
  • Water and chemical resistant


  • As a protective coating for concrete tanks, for surfaces not exposed to concrete elements, cementitious mortar, fibre cement panels and chlorinated rubber linings, for swimming pools where water treatment is carried out solely by chlorination.


  • Colour and lime stability
  • Excellent resistance to lotions, creams and sun oils
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Suitable for coating old chlorinated rubber coatings
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Longer maintenance intervals


  • 20kg can


White, sky blue and turquoise blue.

Consumption :

1.2 kg/m 2 and mm thickness

Mixing ratio:

Approximately. 4.8L per 20 kg bag

Density of fresh mortar :


Ambient temperature :

From +5º to 35º C

Supporting temperature :

From +5º to 35º C

maturation time :

3 * h for transit

12* h for grouting

Pot life :

Approximately 40 minutes.

Opening time :

30 minutes. (Selon EN 12004:2012)

Curing time :

3* min.

* The values were measured under conditions of ambient temperature + 23°C and relative humidity. fifty percent. At higher temperatures, the times are reduced, and conversely, at lower temperatures, they are extended.


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